River Raft Tours

Fun for everyone!

Hoover Dam

Breathtaking views!

Nelson Caves & Ghost Town

Go back in time!

Downtown Boulder City

Lots of things to see and do!

Bootleg Canyon Flightlinez

8,000 feet of zipline over the desert!


Bootleg Canyon

With Flightlinez’s Ziplines and endless bike trails the fun never ends!

Hoover Dam

This breathtaking dam is one of the most famous in the world! Go take some pictures!


Adrenaline more your style? Try jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet in the air!

River Riders

If you enjoy relaxed days spent on rivers, the river tours are the perfect thing for you!


Like to take it easy on your days off? Try some golf at the Boulder City Golf Course!

Nelson Caves

Is adventuring your thing? Go get out to the Nelson Caves and start exploring!